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NATHAN CAB GUARD 3 NATHAN CAB GUARD 1At Molson Young Plant we offer a variety of services for you to take advantage of to keep your equipment fully operational and reduce any downtime. In brief, we can help you get the most from your equipment.

As everyone knows, general maintenance and routine servicing are essential to ensuring that you achieve the maximum performance from your equipment.

We can carry out all required maintenance and servicing for the minimum cost, ensuring all work is strictly as per the manufacturer’s schedule, thus reducing the likelihood of any breakdowns or warranty rejections and help your equipment work soundly towards old age.

We offer services such as,

Fixed Price Servicing –

There are no hidden costs, the price quoted includes all oil, filters labour and consumables. The only addition would be travel labour, depending on your location.

Customised Fixed Price Servicing –

Maybe you wish to supply your own bio-degradable oils, or have some other request which does not fit the service plan, whatever your requirement we will be able to incorporate it.

Health Checks –

For a limited cost, we can carry out a detailed inspection on your equipment, evaluate any requirements, test all settings and pressures, make any necessary adjustments and take engine and hydraulic oil samples for analysis to ensure that your equipment is in, or can be restored to excellent working order.

At Molson Young Plant Sales we consistently try to offer the highest standard of service available to our customers. Over the past 6 months there have been significant improvements in the department and the way in which it operates, such as,

  • Increased number of experienced engineers within the service department.
  • Commitment to “fix first time”, ensuring that customers costs are kept to a minimum, i.e. number of site visits to carry out repairs and diagnostics are reduced, equipment downtime limited, etc.
  • Constantly requesting and attending manufacturers training to ensure that our service staff are knowledgeable and confident with our full range of products.
  • Provision of spare parts and a full range of oil and filters stocked in all service vehicles.
  • Substantial investment in tooling and equipment for workshop, and all service vehicles to provide more effective diagnostics and repairs.
  • Provision of engineers in remote areas on a weekly basis, providing lower costs and enhanced service to our customers in more distant locations.
  • We have carried out a costing exercise with our competitors, allowing us to provide a superior level of service while maintaining the lowest labour costs within our industry.

It is this attention to detail and customer’s requirements that ensures we meet many of the customer’s needs, where other manufacturers and dealers fail.


YPS 9 Lorn McFadyen and Vic DiNardo in our workshop.  Contact us at :


Winter Promotion:

Winter promotion for servicing the following excavators:  Kubota KX015, KX016, KX019 & KX019.  Price includes all oils, filters and 2 hrs travel & labour.

500Hr Service   – £341.59 + VAT

1000Hr Service – £364.49 + VAT

Winter promotion service for servicing the Kubota KX080-4 Excavator.   Price includes all oils, filters and 2 hrs travel & labour.

1000Hr Service – £419.49 + VAT


Out of Office – Service Contact No: 07860-619-845

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