For efficient and safe handling and laying of heavy loads up to 1,000 kg, such as granite slabs, dense concrete elements, marble slabs, kerb stones, steps, pipes etc.

Can be hooked in to any carrier or laying machine VM by means of load hook, chain, hoisting cable or similar

All-purpose lifting device · One-man operation

Huge ease of work

Enormous benefit in economization

Ingenious technology down to the smallest detail. E.g. the vacuum device can be positioned off-centre on the load, so that pins fixing the plumb line won’t be displaced when laying kerb stones.

By means of rapid change fasteners different suction plates can be attached to the SH within seconds for varying kinds of applications, various slab dimensions and weights.

SH-1000-MINI-H – with integrated hydraulic switch over from suction to release actions to be effected directly from the driver’s seat. For operation only one hydraulic circuit is needed.

Max. carrying capacity up to 1,000 kg at -0,6 bar. (always dependent on the size of suction plate attached).

Centrical load balancing through two variable upper suspensions and adjustable attachment of suction plates.

Generation of suction through powerful vacuum pump 12 cbm/h.

Operating handles are arranged in ergonomic position for convenient direction and handling. Handles can easily be rearranged into a rack to put down the device on the ground properly.

Compact design

Triple safety concept:

– integrated vacuum storage tank

– visual checking via pressure check valve with red-green-area

– battery powered acoustic warning device


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