Sennebogen 718 Material Handler

Robust machines for demanding material handling tasks SENNEBOGEN material handlers are designed especially for highest performance, capacity and maximum reliability and safety.    

Dieci Zeus Telehandler

The Zeus range consists of powerful and compact telehandlers, designed to give the user the right balance between power and agility, wherever it is necessary to handle heavy loads in confined spaces, in either the construction and agriculture sectors. Product features below are for the 38.10

Dieci Samson Telehandler

The Samson family consists of extremely strong and compact telehandlers, its outstanding power and agility qualities make it particularly suitable for heavy and intensive work both in the construction and industrial sectors. Product features below are for the 45.8

Dieci Runner Telehandler

The Runner “Family” consists of extremely versatile vehicles, especially suitable to any environmental and working situation, thanks to the wide range of accessories that can be fitted. Product Features below are for the 35.7

Dieci Pegasus Telehandler

The Pegasus series consists of telehandlers (with rotations either not continuous or 360° continuous) characterized by extreme flexibility of use. It is possible to install many different types of accessories that make them suitable to carry out many works, so that a single vehicle can operate as Telehandler, aerial platform and crane. Product features below … Read more

Dieci Icarus Telehandler

Icarus is a family of machines particularly suitable for large jobs in the construction and industry sectors, thanks to its great strength, power and lifting heights. The engine hood has been designed to reduce the noise emission and optimize heat dissipation, furthermore, since it has to operate in workplaces which are often dusty, the Icarus … Read more

Dieci Hercules Telehandler

The Hercules family consists of four powerful Telehandler models, which are positioned in the “giants” market. They include all the “pluses” related to safety, handling and comfort, in addition to highly advanced hydraulic solutions, able to use all of their strength in large construction sites, in mining sites and quarries, in harbours and shipbuilding yards, … Read more

Dieci Dedalus Telehandler

The Dedalus models, produced with increasing capacities and lifting heights, are particularly suitable for use in road maintenance works, in town centers and in undergrounds. Small and compact vehicle, Dedalus 30.7 stands out for its handling, power and precision characteristics and for its great fluidity of movement. Dedalus 30.7 can be equipped with the new … Read more

Dieci Apollo Telehandlers

Apollo 25.6 fixed boom Telehandler for industry and construction, with excellent features, high versatility and best handling. It is the “mini handler”, designed to meet the needs of “small works” in fact it perfectly fits in tight and difficult spaces.  

Probst SM-600 Stonemagnet

Handy, powerful and cordless vacuum lifting device for laying of dense stone slabs, concrete elements, pipes and similar. Can be used on all kind of lifting equipment. Specially designed and equipped for heavy duty work on the construction site. For special purposes, there are different suction plates available, which can be attached to the Stone … Read more