Kobelco SK210HLC-10 HYBRID excavator is redefining the Hybrid revolution. Although this is the first Hybrid excavator released in the Europe by Kobelco, they have been pioneering this technology for decades in the far East. This Kobelco Hybrid is nothing like any other hybrid excavator available on the market. It does have an electric slew motor like other models. But this slew motor also harvests energy during slew braking. With is lithium ion battery pack, it can ┬ástore energy during standard operation. It also has a “smart control box” that allows the machine to provide extra power (25Kw) to the engine when under heavy load. This allows then engine to work at lower revs, saving fuel whilst still delivering on power.


Also fitted with leading technology from Kobelco such as their Komexs telematics system and iNDr system:

Komexs allows owners to keep tight control on their fleet of excavators. With data on location, hours in operation and even down to working mode. The Kobelco Komexs system even allows users to geo-fence their machine. Meaning operators cannot switch the machine on once it is removed from the pre-defined working area.

iNDr stands for Integrated Noise and Dust Reduction. This technology is fitted on all Kobelco machines that are available from Molson Young Plant Sales. Noise is reduced by lowering the engine and raising the air inlets and outlets. This causes engine noise to stay within the insulated engine bay for longer. This dissipates any engine noise before it leaves the machine. This does not cause a noisy cab though! Dust reduction is achieved by the use of a simple mesh pre-filer that catches any bulky debris before it enters the engine bay. There is also an additional air filter when compared with previous models. This filter is only changed on the 1000 hour service, so low service costs are maintianed.

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Product features
Operating Weight (Kg) 22,600