The TurboScrew compressors with their unique bi-turbo techno logy provide class-leading diesel efficiency, the lowest weight of 3,500 kg and super-clean performance in accordance with EC directive 97/68/EG Stage 4 final. The new range has been equipped with an award winning SCRT® – Selective Catalytic Reduction Technology system which is capable of removing almost all nitrogen oxide emissions from diesel exhaust gases.

TurboScrew Technology

CompAir’s TurboScrew compression system is a radical new approach to energy conservation. It uses a Cummins turbo assisted engine powering a CompAir screw compressor unit with the addition of an engine exhaust gas drive turbine, pre-compressing the suction inlet air before it enters the compression chamber.

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Product features
Volume flow m³/min 21
Operating Pressure 12
Engine Cummins QSB 6.7
Width (mm) 1960
Height (mm) 2568
Length (mm) 5179 - 5403